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Pav & Simran

Here are some of the images caught on Pav & Simran’s glamorous wedding celebrations in East London and East Wintergarden in the Docklands. Amazing venue for an amazing couple!

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Lengha, Dress, Nails, Ring, Pink

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Lengha, Dress, Red, Mojeh, Embroidery, Bridal

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Lengha, Dress, Nails, Ring, Pink, Tikka, Portrait

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Lengha, Dress, Stairs, Family

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Lengha, Dress, Nails, Ring, Pink, Wedding Car, Rolls Royce

Wedding, Indian, Groom, Portrait, Red, Kirpan, Sehra, Pagh, Turban

Wedding, Indian, Bride, Groom, Sikh, Waheguru, Pink, Re, Goodmayes

Sikh Wedding Photography

Canary Wharf, Wedding Photography, Asian Wedding, Bride and Groom, Planes, Bank Street

Asian Wedding Photography

Asian Wedding Photography

Asian Wedding Photography, First Dance, East Wintergarden

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro

Wedding Photography by Shakini Pro


Mandy & Harj – Engagement Shoot

A super day with a super couple at a super venue! Here are some images from the engagement shoot at Ragley Hall.

HM-1024 HM-1038 HM-1050 HM-1058 HM-1086 HM-1090 HM-1096 HM-1117

Sandip & Gurjeet – The Wedding

Sandip called the Shakini Pro team and asked us to capture images that she would cherish with Gurjeet forever. The team snapped away in the background watching the couple celebrate. Working alongside Arman Milind, Kudos Entertainment, Kular Brothers and Sahota Video, here are some of the images we took on the special day.



Harjeet & Khimya – Civil Wedding

Shakini Pro captured the Civil Wedding of Harjeet & Khimya at the magnificent Wroxall Abbey Estate. Congratulations to the lovely couple and their families. Here are some images from the fun-filled day.

The Night Before The Morning After…

Anticipation and excitement! The night before the big day is always special. Here are some moments we recently captured for Harps on the day before her wedding.

Bigger & Better!

We like our images. We also like the comments you all make when you see our work. You’ve asked for the images to be larger and so from now on, Shakini Pro will be showcasing work in a new, bigger and bolder size! Let us know what you think. Here’s an image from some new exciting work coming soon…

Sunny & Sonia

Shakini Pro recently had the pleasure of capturing these special moments for Sonia & Sunny on their wedding weekend. A beautiful couple, the wedding cake of the year and a guest appearance by the bhangra sensation H Dhami, made this occasion one that no guest will forget in a long time.

Jesal & Asha

Jesal & Asha were recently united in a day of colourful celebrations.  A beautiful ceremony followed by a fun-packed reception held at the Second City Suite gave the Shakini Pro team and all the guests plenty to watch and enjoy. Here are a few of the images captured at an event that will be remembered by all those who attended for many years to come.

Sunny & Bobby

Shakini Pro had the honour of capturing the wedding and reception of Sunny and Bobby. The beautiful wedding ceremony was followed by spectacular reception at the elegant Victoria Suite and was headlined by none other than the Bhangra Star, Jassi Sidhu.

Sunny & Bobby, we would like to say that it was a pleasure capturing the events over your special weekend. Congratulations to you both and your families.

Wedding Preparations…

Here are a few images of recent events leading up to a beautiful wedding weekend.

Abstract Wedding Art

We call it Shakini Abstract Wedding Art or SAWA…

Laura & Kwok

Shakini Pro recently attended Laura and Kwok’s special day and had a great time with all who attended. It was a pleasure sharing the day with everyone and here are a few of the images we captured.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Laura & Kwok on their union and wish them and their wonderful families all the very best.

Anju & Dav

We have recently had the pleasure of covering the wedding of Anju & Dav. We had an amazing time over the weekend which included the reception party in the spectacular new Bingley Hall in Birmingham. Congratulations both!

A few more images…

We will be posting a few pictures of Manee’s recent trip to India very soon but whilst we get them ready for the blog, here are a few recent shots from a wedding we covered just before Manee flew out…hope you enjoy!

Anju & Dav – Pre Wed Shoot

As well as having a tonne of fun at their wedding, Shakini Pro took the happy couple down to Weston Hall to take a few pictures without a thousand onlookers! We are sure you will all agree – they make a fantastic couple.

And here it begins…

With our new blog, We will attempt to keep you updated with our work and where we are shooting around the country as well you, the reader. We hope you will enjoy it with us!

Updates are coming…

Welcome to Shakini Pro. We will be uploading some new images very soon. Please visit again soon to see some of our work. If you would like an update when the images are uploaded, please leave a message with your email address and we will be in touch.